Friday, 24 July 2015

The Annual AGL Shaw and Latrobe Society Lecture

Left to right:  Don Garden, Madonna Grehan, and Diane Reilly
Each year the Royal Historical Society is the venue the combined AGL Shaw Lecture  and the La Trobe Society Lecture, featuring some aspect of the history of Victoria in the time of Charles Joseph La Trobe.

In June his year Dr Madonna Grehan spoke about "Charles Joseph La Trobe and the Regulation of Everyday Life:  Implementing the Births, Deaths an Marriages Act".
RHSV President Don Garden introduces the lecture with an explanation of the
background to the annual combined lecture.

If you were unable to attend the lecture in June, the podcast of Dr Grehan's talk is available from the RHSV website.  Dr Grehan's lecture goes a long way to explaining the difficiulties in obtaining birth, death and marriage records in that early period, and it is well worth hearing.
Madonna Grehan speaking to a very attentive audience at the RHSV.

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