Sunday, 1 March 2015

RHSV Best Seller List to Feb 2015

 The top selling books in the History Victoria Bookshop from the time it went online at the end of October 2014 until the end of February 2015 shows father and daughter in first and second positions:

1 Poor Souls, They Perished: The Cataraqui, Australia's worst shipwreck, by Andrew Lemon and Marjorie Morgan.

2 A Way With the Fairies: the lost story of sculptor Ola Cohn.  An Autobiography edited by Barbara Lemon.

After that, in equal third position, are:

3 The Art of Being Melbourne, by Maree Coote.

3 Barristers Solicitors Pettifoggers: profiles in Australian colonial legal history. By Simon Smith.

3 Burning the Bails: the story of the Ashes. By Krista Bell.

3 Gum Trees, Lagoons & Flat Plains: A history of Yarroweyah, Koonoomoo and Yarroweyah North 1878-1962. By Margaret E. Fleming.

3 Norwood: it changed the face of Melbourne. By Roland Johnson.