Monday, 20 October 2014

Exceptional book takes the prize for 2014

Anne Vale, winner of the Victorian Community History Award 2014
The winning entry.
The judges' citation reads:

Many great gardeners have also been great writers.  In this beautifully presented book which focuses heavily on Victoria, the author concisely explores the major influences on Australian gardening and designs.  Particularly from significant individuals like Ferdinand von Mueller to the present, and the enormous literature to which many of them contributed.

It is an accessible overview of garden history that reinforces the importance of gardens and gardening in Australian life and culture.  Its focus on the 'exceptional' demonstrates how pivotal women were in the making of Australian gardens and garden writing well before the 21st century, partly due to their early participation in the courses at Burnley.  A very well-written and researched book with splendid photos and a very informative index.  It has wide community appeal.

The RHSV congratulates the winners, the commended, and all those who entered their histories which greatly contribute to the rich and diverse stories about our state.  Your presence at the awards ceremony today contributed to the making of a very special occasion.

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