Monday, 28 July 2014

Victorian History Blogs

Following a discussion on the RHSV Forums about blogs, the following list has been created. If you would like to add to these history blogs, you can mention it in the comments below or in the Forum, and they can be added to the list. There will be a link in the sidebar of RHSV News back to this post.

Here is a link to a toolkit for bloggers:
Busy Archivists Blogging Toolkit:

Historical Society Blogs

Port Melbourne:   updated already!

Stratford Bulletin:  new


Yarra Plenty:

Carol’s Headstone Photographs:

Conversations with Grandma (Wangaratta)  new
Fading Victoria:

Fighting the Kaiser (Coburg):
Geelong and District:

Odd Australian History (Berwick/Packenham)    new
Resident Judge of Port Phillip:

Shire at War (Alberton)

The Empire Called (Essendon and Flemington)


Linda said...

'Scuse me - you forgot my favourite!

Bobbi said...

Thanks for the great list, am reading through them al now :)

I'd like to suggest my mums blog, - focusing on the SE suburbs of Melbourne through to Gippsland, and a few more places in between.

rhsvblog said...

We should all have a daughter like you, Bobbi!

Bobbi said...

Thanks - I help her edit from time to time, love reading the stories from 'back in the day' :)