Thursday, 11 April 2013

Picture of the Month - April 2013

Parliament House and Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, c. 1900

“Not a Flat Thing” – Melbourne’s Parliament House and its Intended Dome

Parliament House, Melbourne, sketch showing the original planned dome by architect Peter Kerr, from Album of Melbourne Views – Visitors Handbook of Facts and Figures (Horace Perkins, c. 1890), RHSV Collection : BL020-0006

In 1927 the Federal Government made a grant of £50,000, a gesture of appreciation for their years of residency in Spring Street (see Picture of the Month, March 2013). On 18th June 1927 The Argus reported “The Minister of Works, Mr (J.P.) Jones, suggests that the money should be applied toward the erecting of a dome; ‘not a flat squat thing, but one which will enhance the beauty of an already beautiful building’ ” The dome never eventuated, but for its story – read on…

In 1855 the Legislative Council of Victoria, moved “that His Excellency (The Governor) will take steps for the immediate construction of the new houses for the accommodation of both Chambers of Legislature”.

After abandoning the option of the site where the State Library now stands, because its close proximity to the Melbourne Goal, the grand and elevated Spring Street site at the east end of Bourke Street, was chosen. A design competition was held. Read more...

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