Friday, 31 August 2012

Professor Hirst and The Argus Index Project, 2012

From the left, Professors John Hirst, Bill Russell and John Poynter
The audience for Professor John Hirst's lecture on The Argus Index Project was enhanced by the presence of several volunteers who work on the index, including one of our own RHSV volunteers.  The inclusion of The Argus in Trove has led to the online index being no longer supported by the National Library of Australia, which is a great shame as doing word searches in a text base of such low machine readability, is not nearly as effective as using such a detailed and carefully executed index as The Argus Index.

The NLA website, in reporting about the Argus Index says:

"The Argus Index website - a high quality index covering 1870-1879 - was retired on the 28th June 2012. The National Library of Australia, working with La Trobe University, redeveloped the Index content into a set of searchable and browsable ePublications, covering the 1870s and 1880s. These ePublications should be available in the near future.  The entire Argus newspaper - running from 1848-1956 - has been digitised and is available via Trove. The new Argus Index ePublications provide links from Index entries to the relevant digitised Argus pages in Trove. (

Professor Hirst said that they are working on an electronic version of the 1860s Index as well, and it is hoped that the indexes will become available on the Latrobe University website.

Professor John Poynter, in thanking our guest speaker, remarked that the Argus Index is a work of great scholarship in itself.

A podcast of the lecture is available from the RHSV website:

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