Thursday, 19 July 2012

VicRoads Centenary 1913-2013

Grand Ridge Road, Gunyah, 1913.  From VicRoads Centenary 1913-2013, posted on Pinterest. 
To celebrate the centenary of VicRoads, beginning with the formation of the country Roads Board in 1913, VicRoads has commenced digitisation of up to 100,000 images taken by their official photographers during road projects.  Some of these images have been posted on Pinterest.

Use the search engine using "VicRoads" to find the photos they have posted.  This is a really wonderful resource, about which we will hear more as their celebrations begin to happen.  This is a very exciting project for local historians.

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Linda said...

It is, but it would have been wonderful if they had been posted to join the Museum Victoria ones on HistoryPin. They are well wroth looking at, even though they take a bit of getting around. and type in a town you know.