Friday, 18 May 2012

RHSV Awards of Merit 2012

At the RHSV Annual General Meeting on Tuesday evening, six volunteers were recognised for their outstanding service to their historical society.  The picture above shows three from the ranks of our RHSV volunteers.  From the left is David Thompson, Ruth Permezel, John Rose with Acting President Bill Russell after having received their awards.  Professor Russell noted that it was particularly appropriate that these awards be made in National Volunteer week. 

Further awards were made to members of our Affiliated Societies who were nominated by their societies to receive an Award of Merit for their outstanding service.


Infolass said...

Congratulations to the recipients. Which history groups were represented in the awards?

rhsvblog said...

Sorry Infolass, I've just noticed your comment now.

John Rose, Ruth Permezel and David Thompson are all RHSV Volunteers.

There were three other Awards of Merit made, but I didn't have their names to hand when I did this post, nor was I quick enough to get them together for a photo on the night.

The other three recipients were:

Robyn Doble – Box Hill Historical Society
John Jennings - Seymour and District Historical Society
Dione McIntyre – Kew Historical Society

If the lovely lady who intended to send me a photo of the above recipients remembers to do so, I will be pleased to add it to the blog.