Friday, 5 August 2011

New in the RHSV Bookshop - UPDATED

Pioneer feminist Henrietta Augusta Dugdale holds an important place in Australian history.  Her fearless campaigning resulted in breakthroughs in womens' rights in Australia throughout the nineteenth century.  This biography of a thrice-married woman, who was born in St Pancras, London and died 91 years later at Point Lonsdale, Victoria, seeks to understand why and how she came to Australia, became a vegetarian, a secularist, initiated the first femal suffrage society in Australasia and, in her late middle age, published a futuristic allegory titled  A Few Hours in a Far Off Age.

This meticulously researched book offers an illuminating insight into the formation of the Australian women's movement.  The author, Susan Priestley, is a past president of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

Launched this week at the Athenaeum Library, the book is now available at the RHSV for $35 plus post and handling.

Update:  Now that the invoice has been located, it appears that the RRP is $30, plus p&h - even more of a bargain!