Monday, 30 May 2011

New in the RHSV Bookshop

There are quite a few new titles in the RHSV bookshop, and Sport and Racing in Colonial Melbourne, by Gillian Hibbins, is the latest. It was published in 2007, and reviewed by our then future President of the RHSV, Dr Andrew Lemon, in the Victorian Historical Journal Vol 80 (1), June 2009.

Dr Lemon said that, "As a way of understanding the subtleties and complexity of Melbourne life in this period, and the legacy of these years for the city's later character, this multi-layered book deserves to be placed in high company indeed - with, for example, Paul de Serville's Pounds and Pedigrees, and Geoffrey Serle's The Rush to be Rich. It is totally different from these in approach and style, but as astute in its observations, as thoroughly researched, thought-provoking and rewarding."

The book is available for $59.95, plus post and packaging.

For the full list of available titles, see:

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