Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fellowships and Awards of Merit announced at the AGM

Last night at the RHSV Annual General Meeting, RHSV President Dr Andrew Lemon, FRHSV announced the appointment of two new Fellows of the RHSV. Dr Lemon (right) is pictured here with one of the new Fellows, Richard Barnden, on the left.

Allan Willingham was the other appointee.

Fellows of the RHSV have given 'conspicuous service to the Association or one or more of its Member Societies, and to history'.

In addition to the two Fellows, seven Awards of Merit were given in recognition of 'meritorious service to a Member Society of the RHSV or the RHSV. The service should be exceptional and go beyond the routine holding of office'.

Congratulations to the following people who were given an Award of Merit:

Vicki Court, RHSV
Wesley Callandar, RHSV
Di Foster, Malvern HS
David Oldfield, RHSV
Michael Moore, RHSV
Diana Phoenix, RHSV
Wemyss Struss, Stratford HS

Lists of previous Fellows of the RHSV, and of persons who received an Award of Merit can be found in a link on the the top of this page of the RHSV website here.

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Linda said...

Congratulations to all awardees. Stratford is delighted in the award to Wemyss.

It is also good to see David Oldfield receiving due recognition. he has worked hard for alpine history for many years.