Tuesday, 4 August 2009

RHSV Lectures - New Historians Evening

Speakers: Dr Marina Larsson and Dr Adrian Threlfall
Where: RHSV 239 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne
Tuesday 11 August
Tea / coffee 5.15 Lecture 5.45
Members & students Free - Non members $5.50

Shattered Anzacs: Living with the scars of war is the title of the talk, based on her book of the same title, by Marina Larsson. The book documents the story of thousands of Australian families who welcomed home soldiers disabled by the First World War. Her talk will provide a poignant account of the lasting impact of the physical injury and shell shock upon returned soldiers, and explores the profound consequences of disablement for their kin.

WWII troops response the shift from desert to jungle training is the topic of Adrian Threfall's talk. A complete transformation of Australian Army's doctrine and training was necessary if a successful transition from combat in the vast featureless wastes of the Western Desert to the oppressive and claustrophobic tropical jungle of the South West Pacific Islands was to occur. How did this transition occur? How did the Australian Army transform itself into one of the most professional, experienced and highly trained forces in jungle warfare?

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