Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Melbourne Day Lecture - Reconstructing the natural history of Melbourne

Speaker: Dr Gary Presland
Where: Royal Historical Society of Victoria, 239 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne
Monday 31 August
Tea / coffee 12.30 - Lecture 1.00pm
Members Free - Non members $5.50

Melbourne is built upon a variety of geological formations ranging in age from more than 400 million years to as little as 5,000 years. It is difficult now to appreciate this diversity of urban setting, which is unusual in itself, but it is even more difficult to recognise that these features have had enduring impacts on the history of this city. The natural landscapes of the Melbourne area have in fact played a dominant role in the siting and subsequent development of this city. In the process of turning John Batman's place for a village into the vastly different place we see today, much about the original environment has been lost.

However it is still possible to see how the city we have built owes something to local natural features. Gary Presland will explain how he went about reconstructing the physical environments encountered by the original white settlers in this area. He will demonstrate how Melbourne was shaped by its natural setting.

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