Monday, 10 November 2014

VCHA 2014 Historical Interpretation Award Commendations

The winners in each category of the Victorian Community History Awards 2014 have already been posted to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria website.
The following posts list the entries which were Commended by the Judges.
Coastal Guide to Nature and History Port Phillip Bay, by Graham Patterson.

Coranderrk: we will show the country, by Giordano Nanni and Andrea James,.

A Way With the Fairies: the lost story of sculptor Ola Cohn. An autobiography, by Barbara Lemon, editor.

Art Behind the Wire: the untold story of refugee families interned in Australia during the Second World War, by Melinda Mockridge.

Friday, 7 November 2014

VCHA 2014 Multimedia History Award Commendations

St Paul's Cathedral App

Ballarat & District Genealogical Society website
Queen Victoria Women's Centre Centenarty Digital Timeline
Nepean Historical Society website
Special Commendation
Young Historians
(Students from years 3-13)
Recreating Gallipoli (DVD)
Wangaratta West Primary School 3/4C

VCHA 2014 Collaborative Community History Award Commendations

The Church on the Hill: a centenary history of St Brigid's, Crossley, and its Irish-Australian community, by Helen Doyle and others.

Middle Park: from swamp to suburb, by Jackey Tidey, editor.

An Historical Geography of Tourism in Victoria, Australia - case studies, by Ian D Clark, editor.

The Grand Mansions of Essendon and District, 1880-1892, by Mary Cahill, editor.

Acheron: a history of the district, by Elaine Furniss, Andrea Turner and others.

VCHA 2014 - Local History Project Award Commendations

 Thompson's Foundry Castlemaine: Drawing and Archival Collection 1875 -1974, located at the Maldon Village Vintage Machinery Museum.

Ballarat Benevolent Aslum Registers of Inmates 12860 - 1880, by Brett Weinberg.

The Last Matron of Coranderrk: Natalie Robarts's Diary of the Final Years of Coranderrk Aboriginal Station, 1909-1924, by Ian D Clark.

Remember Our Nurses: the service and sacrifice of Bendigo nurses in World War One, by Murray Poustie.

VCHA 2014 - Small Publication Award Commendations

Welcome to Wurundjeri Country: the Wurundjeri history of Yarra, by Emily Fitzgerald and Daniel Ducrou.

 Wonderful Warrandyte: a portrait, by Valerie Polley.

The Dura (quarterly journal), by Harry Rekas (editor).
Black Sheep: Journal of the East Gippsland Family History Group Inc and East Gippland Historical Society Inc.

VCHA 2014 History Publication Award Commendations

 Planning Power:  the uses and abuses of power in the planning of the Latrobe Valley, by David Langmore.
 The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, by Clare Wright.
Sea Baths of Victoria, by Bruce Bennett.
Goulburn River Aboriginal Protectorate: a history of the Goulburn River Aboriginal Protectorate Station at Murchison, Victoria, 1840-1853, by Ian D Clark.
 Finding Home: the Masson family, by R J W Selleck.

 The Audacious Adventures of Dr Louis Lawrence Smith 1830-1910, by John Poynter.
Circus and Stage:  the Theatrical Adventures of Rose Edouin and GBW Lewis, by Mimi Colligan.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The last photos of the Victorian Community History Awards 2014

Robert Kenny, Winner of the History Publication Award for Gardens of Fire: An investigative memoir.

Jennifer Burrell with a Commendation in  the Multimedia History Award for the Ballarat & District Genealogical Society website.

Sonia Cameron left and Jackie Tidey right,  from the Middle Park History Group Commended in the Collaborative Community History category for Middle Park: From Swamp to Suburb.

Daniel Ducrou and Emily Fitzgerald from Yarra City Council Commended in the Small Publication category for Welcome To Wurundjeri Country: The Wurundjeri history of Yarra.

Debbie Squires with the Commendation in the Small Publication category awarded for Black Sheep, a  journal jointly published by the East Gippsland Genealogical Society and the East Gippsland Historical Society in Bairnsdale.

Harry Rekas and Danie Sprague from Large Worldwide with a Commendation in the Small Publication Award for the quarterly journal The Dura.

David and Rosemary Langmore with a Commendation in the History Publication category for Planning Power: the uses and abuses of power in the planning of the Latrobe Valley.

Lorraine Smith representing Lilydale & District Historical Society, Winner of the Multimedia History Award for the website Gun Alley

Melinda Mockridge with a Commendation in the Historical Interpretation category for Art Behind the Wire.
For other photos see the Public Records Office Flickr photostream: